About Us


O CTCP é uma empresa focada na certificação da conformidade de produtos de telecomunicações e procura manter a confiança de seus clientes praticando políticas e procedimentos que consolidam a máxima qualidade do trabalho executado por nossa equipe de Especialistas.

Therefore, our mission is: to meet with excellence the demands of our customers to stay current and consolidate their position as the leader in telecommunications technology, by offering services that contribute to Brazil's progress and the well-being of its citizens.


To remain as a reference company, recognized for the quality of its services as the best partnership option for customers, employees and suppliers.


We believe that the values of an organization are extremely important to achieve its objectives and therefore we always work based on the following precepts:

  • Human development, Sustainability
  • Humility, Integrity
  • Discipline, Efficiency
  • Commitment and Continuous Improvement

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Our Benefits


We are continuously updated with the trends and changes in the area of Telecommunications and ANATEL standards.


We treat each client with dignity and respect, listening intently to their goals and needs.


Nosso relacionamento com o cliente se estende para além da burocracia e dos processos de certificação.

About Us

We guarantee total impartiality in the conduct of your processes, keeping all the information and documents provided, in a confidential and exclusive manner, in the scope of the certification of conformity.


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